With You In Mind (CD)

Cat #: E002
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  1. Cassino- Cha Cha 
  2. The Green Leaves Of Summer- Cha Cha 
  3. Death By Samba- Samba
  4. Samba For Carmen- Samba
  5. In To Deep- Rumba
  6. With You In Mind- Rumba
  7. Pasa Con Fuego- Paso Doble
  8. Choo Choo Ch'Boogie- Jive
  9. J.E.M.'s Jive- Jive
  10. Snow Waltz- Waltz
  11. Waltz For Lily- Waltz
  12. Dokman Tango- Tango
  13. Mirko (Il Tango Di Mirko)- Tango
  14. Mes Petit Enfants- Viennese Waltz
  15. Autum Leaves- Slow Foxtrot
  16. Makin' Whoopee- Slow Foxtrot
  17. Won't You Come Home Bill Bailey- Quickstep
  18. Pull Me, Push You- Quickstep 
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