Musicality (DVD)

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“Enjoy & improve your musicality through applying the body rhythm and shape used by Arunas & Katusha throughout the three different groups in each of the four standard dances”.

Three groups are shown in each of the following dances, Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot & Quickstep. Each group is first danced to music, secondly to a slow teaching count, thirdly the group is broken down further to show each element individually.

Music Show music Waltz Standard Music 3 Musetta Waltz CD-Z 3003 Tango The Ballroom Mix 6 Alhambra CM-DCD 609 Slow Fox Ballroom Fascination These Foolish Things CP 5008 Quickstep Ballroom Fascination Honey Rag (from “Chicago”) CP 5008 V/Waltz Ballroom Fascination Buongiorno CP 5008

Teaching Waltz Ballroom Stars 3 Theme from “Forest Gump” CM-DCD 608 Tango Ballroom Stars 3 Arcodeon CM-DCD 608 Slow Fox Ballroom Miracles Nowhere with Love CP 5012 Quickstep Ballroom Nights 3 Slender, Tender & tall CD-Z 4103

Music by Kind Permission of CASA MUSICA

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