A Dance Jubilee (CD)

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1.Fabulous Place - Jive
2.Fly Over The Moon - Cha Cha
3.Woman Of The World - Cha Cha
4.Irresistible - Rumba
5.It Was A Very Good Year - Rumba
6.Baby You're The One - Samba
7.The Last Days Of Summer - S.Waltz
8.Fairyland (Satuma) - Tango
9.Canals Of Amsterdam - V.Waltz
10.A Party (Visite) - Mambo
11.Let's Get The World Singing Again - S.Fox
12.Lazy Days - Swing Fox
13.Ain't That Good News - Q.Step
14.Let It Be My Love - Cha Cha
15.The New Merengue - Merengue
16.High Up The Ladder - Jive