More Waltzes & Viennese Waltzes (CD)

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More Waltzes
1.Where The Blue Of The Heart;29 (2.27)
2.You Always Hurt The One You Love;29 (2.22)
3.May Each Day;29 (2.23)
4.More;29 (2.23)
5.When It's Springtime In The Rockies;29 (2.25)
6.Somewhere My Love;29 (2.22)
7.Memories;29 (2.25)
8.Apple Blossom Time;29 (2.23)
More Viennese Waltzes
9.The Blue Danube;59 (1.47)
10.Anniversary Song;59 (1.47)
11.I Was Never Kissed Before;59 (1.44)
12.Falling In Love With Someone;59 (1.47)
13.My Resistance Is Low;59 (1.46)
14.The Belle Of New York;59 (1.47)
15.Wonderful Copenhagen;59 (1.46)
16.Waltzing In The Clouds;59 (1.47)
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